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Back ​QuickSTAT Cold Chain Manager Technology Solution Ensures Temperature Integrity for Clinical Trial and Drug Development Shipments

QuickSTAT Cold Chain Manager technology solution ensures temperature integrity for clinical trial and drug development shipments | Clinical trial and cold chain logistics

QuickSTAT has developed a major enhancement to its industry-leading online customer platform (Quick Online Rx) and its proprietary IT system that helps to ensure product integrity and patient safety. The tools track, monitor and calculate transit duration against a package validation time.

Cold Chain Manager will help to ensure the integrity of cold chain shipments throughout transit. It provides visibility to QuickSTAT’s Control Tower team, and enables them to continually monitor and intervene if shipment integrity may be at risk. The timer calculates how much time has elapsed from packing, and continually provides the actual time the package is valid from pack-out time. A built-in formula calculates the time left for expiration from pack-out, based on the packaging validation specifications.

The system provides milestones and built-in alarms to ensure that the specific cold chain protocols for that shipment are adhered to, such as client communication and coolant replenishment. Use of Cold Chain Manager provides critical information to the QuickSTAT operations team, so they can be proactive, consult with their clients and make contingency plans or intervene, to minimize risks and avoid any threats to their product.

With Quick Online Rx, shippers can view the milestones of the transit in real time, to include status of the shipment, and an auditable history of any steps taken to ensure temperature is maintained – such as adding dry ice, wet ice or gel packs.