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Comprehensive logistics solutions for the pre-clinical and the research and development (R&D) phase of your product. We offer a customized approach to ensure safe and timely delivery.

R&D samples (biologic or chemical) 

Bringing a drug to market successfully often takes several years and an investment of millions of dollars. That's why dependable supply chain support is critical from the very start. From early research and development to pre-clinical safety testing, our logistics experts safeguard the integrity of your biological samples and reagents as we move them to and from bioanalytic labs, manufacturing facilities and testing sites.

API and bulk drug substance 

Launching a new bulk drug is an expensive undertaking, requiring rigorous scientific research and validation trials. That's why removing as much risk as possible from the logistics involved in shipping bulk drugs and their active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) is so important.


An extremely short half-life means radiopharmaceuticals logistics hinges on the fastest delivery times and utmost care. That involves not only expedient pick up and constant monitoring to ensure materials remain stable, but also full regulatory compliance. When you choose us, you’ll have access to our global network of specialized aircraft and crews experienced in handling radioactive materials. Available around-the-clock, this enables us to schedule a chartered flight for you within minutes of your call.

Here are some of the features we offer:

  • 24/7/365 pick-up and delivery, to and from anywhere worldwide via the widest range of ground and air charter options
  • A market-leading online IT platform, QuickOnline 2.0, with the ability to blind patient data combined with project management tools such as real-time shipment monitoring and status alerts
  • Advice on appropriate insurance for highly valued materials
  • Comprehensive regulatory support, including brokerage services, consultation on country-specific customs and airline restrictions, to ensure that trial materials and specimens are properly packaged and classified
  • Highly trained certified specialists that follow strict quality assurance protocols, prepare documentation and monitor shipments for secure, fully compliant delivery
  • Import license requirement consultation, specific to each country
  • Packaging, sourcing and consultation on appropriate active or passive systems for maintaining optimal temperatures
  • Placement and recovery of all temperature loggers, including assistance with import and export regulations and customs compliance
  • Real-time GPS tracking, door-to-door optimized route planning and contingency aircraft or vehicles to ensure on-time delivery
  • Sourcing and consultation on the most appropriate active or passive packaging systems and pallet shipping solutions, as well as temperature-controlled vehicles to maintain required temperatures
  • We provide air-charter quotes within 15 minutes and can have the appropriate aircraft in place soon after your approval. We also offer dedicated flight crews for regular ongoing transportation needs, as appropriate, to further speed delivery
  • We provide expert temperature-controlled logistics for all temperature ranges from cryofrozen to controlled room temperature (CRT), including ongoing temperature monitoring from pick-up through delivery, replenishing ice and gel packs as needed, real-time temperature tracking and monitoring throughout transit, including placement and retrieval of monitoring devices, download and transmission of data from the logger, and replenishment of refrigerant as needed