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Back QuickSTAT: Next Flight Out for Your Critical Shipments

Secure and reliable door-to-door deliveries to anywhere in the world, with our Next Flight Out expediated shipping solution.

With Next Flight Out, our expedited shipping solution, you get both speed and security. Our long-standing partnerships with all major airlines around the world give you access to the most optimal routes. This ensures that your shipments are placed on the next available flight without delay, and that they also receive specialized handling as needed. Specifically, a door-to-door service for your shipments providing:

24/7 global access

Shipping to and from anywhere in the world with same day delivery domestically and next-day delivery to most international destinations.


Regulatory support

Our experts provide comprehensive regulatory support, including assistance with import and export regulations and customs compliance.


Shipment monitoring

Industry-leading technology offers advanced monitoring systems that track the exact time in transit with automated alerts of potential delays enabling QuickSTAT to reroute shipments as necessary.


Expedited delivery to anywhere in the world—even the most remote locations

  • Door-to-door, door-to-airport, hold for pick-up and drop-ship services.
  • Individual tracking and detailed status history for monitoring shipment movement.
  • Chain of custody to ensure the integrity of your shipment at every step.
  • Experienced drivers specially trained to deal with a vast variety of commodities.
  • Ability to obtain "Medevac" status working with air traffic control and flight departments for priority treatment of your shipment.