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Back Cold-chain manager—ensure the integrity of your temperature-sensitive shipments

Track and monitor the time that your package is valid from pack-out time using Cold Chain Manager, allowing our logistics team to continually monitor and intervene if necessary.

Pack-out monitoring technology to ensure product integrity and patient safety

Cold Chain Manager technology tracks and monitors the actual time a package is valid from pack-out time, allowing our logistics team to continually monitor and intervene to protect product integrity.

Access to critical information on shipment condition during transit


Product integrity focus

Provides critical information allowing for early intervention and contingency planning to eliminate or minimize risk of temperature excursion.


Unique technology

Calculates time from pack-out to expiration, based on the packaging validation specifications.


Milestones and alerts

Milestones and built in alarms ensure adherence to cold chain protocols such as client communication and coolant replenishment.


End-to-end shipment monitoring

Cold Chain Manager provides critical pack-out time information to our operations team, so they can make contingency plans or intervene, to eliminate or minimize risks and avoid any threats to your product.

Comprehensive cold chain monitoring and control



Clients can call QuickSTAT to determine pick-up time prior to packing the shipment to allow for optimal pack-out time.



The pack-out information can be entered on QuickOnline 2.0 at the time of order entry, or right before pick-up.



Shippers can view the history of any steps taken to ensure temperature is maintained—such as adding dry ice wet ice or gel packs.