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Back QuickSTAT: QuickBoard—real-time viability

Quick Board is a customizable, digital signage system that helps you better manage your workflows, prioritize shipments and ensure the integrity of your cargo.

Visibility for managing your shipment activity

If you have multiple locations and many shipments going back and forth between them and out to other locations, Quick Board can help you manage your workflows more effectively.

QuickSTAT's digital signage system continuously monitors shipments in real time, letting you know exactly what's coming and going—and when—to better plan, staff and schedule. This is especially helpful for labs managing incoming biological samples, cord blood companies who receive cord blood from multiple hospitals, busy blood banks and more. Plus, Quick Board will provide detailed information about how long your temperature-sensitive shipments have been in transit, so you can prioritize which shipments should be processed first.


Real-time shipment activity

Get an at-a-glance snapshot of inbound and outbound activity with a high-level overview of multiple shipments on one screen.


Milestones and alerts 

Monitor live milestones, time in transit and temperature including alerts when a shipment is nearing its stability threshold.


Greater control 

Actionable information allows you to proactively schedule staffing based on the volume of shipments coming in and process those that have been in transit longest first.


Customized options designed specifically for life science and healthcare shipments

Powered by QuickOnline 2.0—QuickSTAT's leading global supply chain logistics platform—Quick Board allows you to customize features based on your operational needs.

  • Informational views define how often screens should refresh and whether to view shipper or consignee information, flight origin or destination, the amount of time a shipment has been in transit, expected delivery time and more.
  • Scheduled alerts set separate colors and timing for primary and secondary alerts for easy identification, opt whether or not to display estimated times of arrival and choose between weather, no-show airline and airline delays alerts.