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Back QuickSTAT: Next drive out/Temperature-controlled vehicles for your critical shipments

Fast secure and reliable deliveries of your critical shipments to anywhere in the world with our Next Drive Out expediated ground shipping solution.

When it comes to life-saving or critical shipments, every minute matters. That’s why you can’t always wait for the next available flight—or worse, need to reach a location where there are no direct flights. With a far-reaching ground network of dedicated professional drivers, Next Drive Out may be your best option. We’ll pick up your urgent shipments any time of the day or night, 365 days a year. Your shipments are never consolidated with others and each one is handled with the specialized care it needs, whether it’s highly temperature-sensitive or classified as dangerous goods.

Immediate response

24/7 priority door-to-door pick-up and delivery, with optimal pre-qualified routing.


Chain of custody

An unmatched chain of custody and chain of identity with individual tracking to ensure the integrity of your shipment at every step.


Shipment monitoring

Industry-leading technology and advanced monitoring systems that provide real-time GPS tracking with regular in-route notifications and updates on traffic conditions.


Expedited delivery to anywhere in the world—even the most remote locations

  • Round-the-clock access to experts who specialize in life science and healthcare logistics.
  • Individual tracking and detailed status history for monitoring shipment movement.
  • Experienced drivers specially trained to deal with a range of critical life science deliveries.
  • Regulatory and customs support when shipments need to cross borders.
  • End-to-end temperature monitoring for all temperature ranges, with access to temperature-controlled vehicles as needed.