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Back QuickOnline 2.0: The future of logistics technology

QuickSTAT's QuickOnline 2.0 is a cloud-based logistics platform that simplifies the management of shipments for life science and healthcare organizations.

The most advanced logistics software is getting even better

Used for years by today’s leading pharma and biotech companies as well as hospitals and other healthcare organizations around the world, QuickOnline 2.0 gives you everything it always had for streamlining your logistics—but with easier access, enhanced efficiency and greater visibility.

Unique IT tools for life science and healthcare logistics

Easier access

Multifactor authentication and shared control of passwords give users across your organization centralized access to information in a single database.


Enhanced efficiency

Improved templates and an advanced user design result in faster, simplified order entry while dynamic, real-time updates provide full transparency across the supply chain.


Greater visibility

Full integration with GPS devices and smart packaging, a shipment milestone timeline, embedded airline data and more provide real-time location and status of each shipment.


Ongoing releases and new features will help better manage critical life science and healthcare shipments

QuickOnline 2.0 Mobile—The information you need at your fingertips

  • Place an order: Enter a new order from anywhere
  • Real-time information: View and access shipments, whether in progress or already delivered
  • Connect: Use auto-dial feature to connect instantly to the control tower
  • ... and more: GPS and temperature data, shipment milestones, live airline feeds, proof of delivery and more.