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We offer expert temperature-controlled transport, chain of custody and regulatory compliance services to ensure the safe and timely delivery of your clinical trial products.

Vaccine logistics

While clinical trial logistics is complex for all types of drug therapies, vaccines pose unique supply chain challenges. As the world learned by following the ongoing development of the COVID-19 vaccine global supply chain, even minor fluctuations in temperature at any time throughout transit can impact a vaccine’s stability. The results are potentially devastating—to patients in need as well as financially for sponsors and their partners. 

Investigational medicinal products  

Getting your investigational medicinal products to testing sites is essential for ensuring patients receive their treatment on time and sponsors’ trials run on schedule. Yet every shipment has its own specific requirements to ensure your therapies remain stable while in transit. That’s why our logistics specialists are trained to analyze the needs of each product and trial individually to securely transport your IMPs. 

Comparator logistics 

Biosimilars are critical for giving patients and healthcare providers additional treatment options, often at a lower cost. Yet their development requires significant investment—both from a financial and time standpoint. And it all starts with sourcing comparators, which can be complex. This includes expert temperature-controlled logistics for all temperature ranges, from cryofrozen to controlled room temperature, to maintain the integrity of each shipment. 

Ancillary supply logistics 

Clinical trials have a lot of moving parts—and keeping them on track is about more than the medicinal products being investigated. Each site needs an array of clinical supplies at their fingertips for maximum efficiency. That includes technology for recording and tracking data, various medical devices, needles, syringes and other necessary trial-specific supplies. 

Medical devices 

When a patient needs to be treated, or a diagnostic or imaging machine is out of order, time is of the essence. From surgical trays to veins and heart valves post-processing to parts for repairs—our logistics experts specialists work with you to select the right packaging systems, maintain optimal temperature and manage customs. Plus, our close relationships with hospitals all over the world means we have unparalleled after-hours access—ensuring your shipment gets into the right hands on-time, every time. 

Stability/quality samples 

Maintaining the integrity of stability and quality samples moving from the manufacturer to testing facilities is just as important as any stage of development. This essential step ensures investigational medicinal products are both safe and effective for patients. That’s why we treat these shipments with the same care and attention as all the critical life science shipments we support. 

Here are some of the features we offer: 

  • Global regulatory support: We provide global regulatory support, including brokerage services, consultation on country-specific customs and airline restrictions. 
  • Temperature-controlled logistics: We offer temperature-controlled logistics for all temperature ranges, from cryofrozen to controlled room temperature (CRT). 
  • Expert packaging: We provide expert packaging solutions to ensure your shipments are maintained at the correct temperature throughout the journey. 
  • Real-time tracking: We provide real-time tracking of your shipments so you can always know where they are and when they will arrive. 
  • Secure delivery: We ensure secure delivery of your shipments with our robust chain of custody and specially trained certified dangerous goods specialists.