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Meet us in person! We participate in trade shows, conferences and live events in cities across the globe. Come for a conversation with our logistics experts and stay for the supply chain inspiration.

Advanced Therapies Week

Location: Miami, Florida
Country: United States
Date: January 16-19th
Exhibitor booth: 322

25th Annual Clinical Trial Supply Europe 2024

Location: Barcelona
Country: Spain
Date: March 6-7th
Exhibitor booth: 62

Advanced Therapies Congress

Location: London 
Country: United Kingdom
Date: March 19-20th
Exhibitor booth: 141

Supply Chain & Logistics For Cell Therapies Summit

Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Country: United States
Date: March 25-27th

LogiPharma EU

Location: Lyon, France
Country: France
Date: April 16-18th

Clinical Trial Supply New England

Location: Waltham, Massachusetts
Country: United States
Date: April 9-10th

Global Clinical Supplies Group (GCSG)

Location: Naples, Florida
Country: United States
Date: April 21-24th Exhibitor booth: 26

United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) 

Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Country: United States
Date: May 7-9th Exhibitor booth: 105

Eye Bank Association of America (EBAA)

Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Country: United States
Date: June 5-8th Exhibitor booth: 11

Association of Regulatory & Clinical Scientists (ARCS)

Location: Sydney, Australia             
Date: June 12-18th Exhibitor booth: 82

Association of Organ Procurement Org (AOPO)

Location: San Antonio, Texas
Country: United States
Date: June 24-26th Exhibitor booth: 312