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Back Quick Releases New Version of QuickOnline 2.0 Customer Software for Managing Life Science Supply Chain Logistics

Quick releases new version of QuickOnline 2.0 customer software for managing life science supply chain logistics | Clinical trial and cold chain logistics

(PRWEB) July 19, 2017:

Quick has released enhanced features to its online customer platform, QuickOnline 2.0 and QuickOnlineRX, which helps to streamline the life science supply chain. Tailored specifically for the industry, the tools provide specialized temperature monitoring technology and the ability for shippers to have end-to-end visibility and control of their life-saving and critical shipments.

Enhanced IT tools ensures on-time delivery and product integrity

The advanced customer portal offers real-time notifications at every shipment milestone, so clients are always aware of their products' safety, chain of custody and arrival at the laboratory, clinical trial site, medical facility or hospital.

Cold Chain Manager technology tracks and monitors the actual time a package is valid from pack-out time, allowing Quick’s global logistics team to continually monitor and intervene if shipment integrity may be at risk. Shippers can view the history of any steps taken to ensure temperature is maintained – such as adding dry ice, wet ice or gel packs.
VIP Management technology is an end-to-end system for managing the conditioning, transport, tracking, return and inventory of vacuum-insulated/Credo units. This proprietary technology integrates with clients' software and provides real-time information on unit availability and temperature conditioning status.
Quick Board is a digital signage system, which monitors incoming and outgoing shipments in real time, allowing laboratories and medical facilities to process the most critical samples first and plan staffing and scheduling at each site.
"The enhancements to our customer platform are in response to the increased challenges and complexities of the life science supply chain. We are committed to providing innovative technology solutions to support the life science and healthcare community," says Eric Bischoff, Quick’s Chief Information Technology Officer.

About The Quick Group

For over 36 years, the Quick Group has been serving the life science and healthcare community worldwide, providing 24/7 global priority logistics and transportation solutions for time and temperature-sensitive, mission-critical and life-saving needs. Quick provides consultation on regulatory compliance, import/export documentation, procurement of specialized packaging for all temperature ranges, and customized IT integration. Services are fully scalable to meet the requirements of newly commercialized products.