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Back ​QuickSTAT Opens Additional VIP Packaging Conditioning Facilities In Singapore and Australia To Support The Almac Group And Life Science Industry

​Quick STAT opens additional VIP packaging conditioning in Singapore and Australia to support the Almac Group and life science industry | Clinical trial and cold chain logistics

As part of a global expansion plan, QuickSTAT has opened four new locations that will provide a market leading, Just In Time (JIT) solution to improve turnaround times of phase change shipper solutions, and other Vacuum-Insulated Packaging (VIP) Systems.

The program will help to ensure the viability of high-risk shipments to geographical and logistically challenging countries, in order to minimise the risk of a shipment temperature excursion.

The new conditioning facilities are located in Singapore, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. These new temperature-controlled facilities are in addition to QuickSTAT’s conditioning facility in Belfast, Northern Ireland, which was commissioned as a result of a partnership between Almac and QuickSTAT.

QuickSTAT will provide conditioning and same-day dispatch for each customer’s shipment. The units will be conditioned under the manufacturer’s strict standard operating procedures for the specific temperature ranges required: +2° to +8° C, +15° to +25° C and -25° to-15° C. Units will be transported in an expedited manner, reducing turnaround time and accelerating delivery to most locations worldwide by at least 24 hours from previous industry methods.

Each facility was designed, mapped and qualified according to EU GDP guidelines, and is strategically located close to each country’s major international airports, in order to achieve expedited transit and delivery.

The Inventory Management System, developed by QuickSTAT’s in-house IT team, has the ability to track VIP shippers in transit, monitors the actual time the package is valid from pack out time, and calculates time from pack out to expiration, based on the packaging validation specifications. It also includes a managed inventory, inclusive of returns, therefore providing efficient use of return shippers, which is an environmentally friendly solution.

"QuickSTAT is committed to providing customised solutions for our life science clients to meet the ever-challenging demands of the industry. We are pleased to offer this enhanced service to strengthen the shipping systems solution for end-to-end temperature management, a vital component of our customers’ global clinical supply chain," says Paul White, Corporate Executive Vice President, QuickSTAT.

"I am delighted to announce the success of our new temperature-controlled shipping service solution – the Almac Pod™. With rapid growth in the volume of our controlled temperature shipments over the past few years, the introduction of innovative solutions such as the Almac Pod™ allows us to deliver on the growing needs of our clinical trial supply customers. The Almac PoD™ is fully GDP-compliant and is available as part of Almac’s end-to-end, global supply chain management solution – your product, safe in our hands,” says a senior source at the Almac Group.

About QuickSTAT

QuickSTAT is an expert in managing global clinical trial logistics for all phases of research and drug development, for all temperature ranges and life science products—from pre-clinical, to clinical, through to commercialization. QuickSTAT specializes in time and temperature shipping of clinical research samples, biologics, investigational drugs, clinical trial supplies, vaccines and dangerous goods, helping to bring new drugs and medical protocols to market faster.

About Almac

The Almac Group is an established contract development and manufacturing organisation that provides an extensive range of integrated services to the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors globally. The services range from R&D, biomarker discovery and development, API manufacture, formulation development, clinical trial supply, IXRS® technology (IRT) through to commercial-scale manufacture.

The international company is a privately owned organisation that has organically grown over 30 years and now employs in excess of 3,900 highly skilled personnel. Almac is headquartered in Craigavon, Northern Ireland with operations in the UK, across the US (Pennsylvania, North Carolina and California) and in Asia (Singapore and Tokyo).

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