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We provide a range of direct-to-patient (DTP) logistics solutions for your clinical trials. Our customizable approach ensures the safe and timely delivery of your shipments.

Direct-to-patient (therapy)

The ability to expedite enrollment and retain patients throughout your clinical trial is key to the efficient commercialization and clinical development of your therapy. Ultimately, compressing a therapy's time in development can allow sponsor companies to better allocate resources and ensure patient populations throughout the world receive the treatment they need. That’s why pharmaceutical companies continue to look for more patient-centric solutions to attract and retain participants. A direct-to/from-patient (DTP/DFP) model is one such solution, adding convenience for patients who are unable or unwilling to travel to testing sites as well as extending your reach to include patients in remote areas who might not otherwise have been able to participate in your trial.

Direct-from-patient (samples)

Adding a DTP/DFP methodology to clinical trials has several benefits—including expedited patient recruitment and increased patient retention. That’s why samples must be picked up from patients and delivered to central or specialty labs within a specific timeframe—often in coordination with a home health nurse collecting samples. Biological samples are also temperature-sensitive and often require an understanding of dangerous goods and customs regulations expertise to ensure the proper classification, packaging and labeling.

Direct-to-patient (medical devices)

From blood glucose monitors and pulse oximeters to portable EKG machines—at-home medical devices can be lifesaving. These types of devices are also perfect for direct-to-patient (DTP) clinical trials, giving you access to a wider, more diverse range of participants from all parts of the world. Our team of experts will develop a plan with an individual supply chain for each DTP shipment designed to get your medical device shipments to patients as quickly as possible to keep your clinical trial moving.

Here are some of the features we offer:

  • A market-leading online IT platform, QuickOnline 2.0 
  • Access to certified dangerous goods specialists 
  • Real-time GPS tracking  
  • In-transit storage (cold room) using GDP principles and best practices  
  • Active and passive systems 
  • Monitoring device placement and retrieval  
  • Return pick-up and delivery of biological specimens  
  • HIPPA and GPDR compliance 
  • Strict and transparent chain of custody  
  • End-to-end logistics plan  
  • Comprehensive regulatory support