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Back QuickSTAT: Temperature monitoring solutions for life science and healthcare

Temperature-controlled logistics solutions including end-to-end planning and management, in-transit storage, packaging systems and monitoring for temperature-sensitive products.

Whether your shipments need to remain at controlled room temperature (CRT), 2 to 8°C, or frozen—your success lies in maintaining the integrity of your shipments from door-to-door. Benefit from our 40 years of experience in providing global temperature-controlled logistics solutions and take advantage of: 

  • End-to-end logistics planning and management with around-the-clock access to cold chain logistics experts
  • Global provision of temperature-controlled active and passive packaging systems, from -196°C to 2-8°C to 15-25°C, including LN2 dry shippers and conditioned vacuum-insulated packaging
  • In-transit storage (cold room) utilizing GDP principles and best practices, as well as access to temperature-controlled vehicles to maintain required temperatures
  • Optimized route planning for the safest, most efficient route and transport modes
  • Placement and recovery of all temperature monitoring devices as well as replenishment of refrigerant as needed
  • Cold chain manager technology, which tracks, monitors and calculates transit duration against package validation time, allowing our logistics team to continually monitor and intervene if shipment integrity may be at risk
  • Advanced monitoring systems that track the exact time in transit with automated alerts of potential delays, enabling us to reroute shipments when necessary