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Back Join our upcoming webinar: “Getting closer to the patient: Supply chain solutions for personalized medicine and de-centralized trials.”

Upcoming webinar to focus on patient-centric supply chain solutions.

We are living through some incredible times in the field of medicine, as it evolves form a one-size-fits-all approach to a new paradigm shift. This shift has given rise to personalized medicine – an approach based upon each person’s genetic make-up. However, old supply chain planning models and yesterday’s logistics solutions will not work with this new healthcare paradigm – and will not set this journey of getting closer to the patient on the road to success.

So, what are the new patient-focused logistics solutions that will maximize a clinical trial’s success? And how do you optimize your supply chain to ensure the safety and integrity of personalized medicine shipments? Those are just some of the critical questions we’ll be addressing in our upcoming webinar, “Getting closer to the patient: Logistics and clinical trial solutions for the personalized supply chain.

This webinar, taking place on November 5th, is being presented by Kuehne + Nagel and Quick. It promises to be an information-filled session covering today’s new frontiers in medicine and the vital logistics solutions needed to support them. We are excited to be the webinar’s co-presenters and to be joined by Kuehne + Nagel’s Robert Coyle as moderator. Together, we will explore:

  • The evolution in medicine from large molecule to small molecule (Biologics) and Cell and Gene Therapy -- the new personalized approach
  • How that evolution is impacting supply chain planning
  • The new logistics solutions designed to maximize a clinical trial’s success
  • How, as personalized medicine grows, so does the need for a new supply chain paradigm

Whether your focus is on pre-clinical, clinical or commercial, you’ll want to join this webinar to learn about implementing an evolved supply chain model – one that addresses the key challenges and fosters ongoing success. The details and registration link are below. We look forward to getting together virtually on November 5th!