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New QuickSTAT Podcast - Life Science Logistics in a Life-changing World.

The COVID-19 crisis is continuing its dramatic impact on lives globally. But in the life science space, even during a pandemic, patients who are being treated for non-COVID-19 illnesses still need to receive their treatments. Clinical trials must move forward. And medical supply chains have to be kept intact. And while the virus rages, many companies around the world have quickly switched their focus to the development of a COVID-19 vaccine. The usually fast-paced world of life science logistics is now moving even faster.

In our new podcast episode, QuickSTAT’s Scott Ohanesian, Senior VP of Commercial Operations, North America shares how QuickSTAT has been meeting the challenges faced by pharma and biotech clients since the onset of the current healthcare crisis. Scott shares:

  • What goes into supporting logistics for clinical trials when confronted by so many pandemic-created obstacles.
  • The solutions and services that help companies adhere to trial protocols, keep patients safe and ensure that their therapies are received on time.
  • Best logistics practices for overcoming an array of challenges -- including government regulations, severely reduced airline schedules and dire economic situations.

“It’s not just about moving a box or a package. There’s a patient that it is going to have an impact on,” says Scott. This episode shares just how this patient-centered approach is being implemented during a time when time-critical shipping has become even more challenging.

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