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The QuickSTAT team is heading to the ARCS Annual Conference… And looking forward to sharing the QuickSTAT story!

The QuickSTAT team is heading to the ARCS Annual Conference... And looking forward to sharing the QuickSTAT story!

It’s a customer-focused story that started 40 years ago. Since its inception, QuickSTAT has been committed to providing end-to-end, life science logistics solutions that help to bring important new drugs and medical protocols to market.

And even if you’re not attending the ARCS Conference, we’d like to share just some of the key QuickSTAT facts we’ll be talking with delegates about — focused on how we meet your global delivery commitments with a comprehensive array of solutions and services:

  • Temperature control -- end-to-end cold-chain logistics planning and management with around-the-clock access to cold chain logistics experts
  • Procuring and conditioning of specialized packaging -- including Credo Cubes and Liquid Nitrogen Shippers (LN2)
  • GPS Tracking -- featuring real-time monitoring and tracking that is provided throughout the entire air or ground transport chain, with GPS and cellular-based devices.

Info-filled QuickSTAT resources - just a download away

We have a variety of whitepapers — authored by Quick’s life science logistics experts -- designed to provide you with the information you need to manage your time and temperature-sensitive shipments, including:

  • How to Classify Biological Specimens for Transport
  • Commercialization of Personalized Medicine — Supply Chain Solutions
  • Best Practices in Cold Chain Logistics Planning

And you’ll learn even more QuickSTAT facts when you read our case studies, including one of how Centralized Clinical Project Management Provides Control and Cost Efficiencies.

For those who’ll be attending ARCS, the QuickSTAT team looks forward to seeing you. And for those not heading to Sydney, we look forward to your visiting our website -- so we can share even more QuickSTAT facts with you about how, from trial to treatment, we’re here for you with 24/7 logistics and transportation solutions.