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Back Part 1: The Logistics of Cell & Gene Therapy – From Benchmarking to Standardization

Cell & Gene Therapy, or CGT, and personalized medicines hold incredible potential for improving human life and patient outcomes. By their very nature, however, these therapies require a much higher level of precision when it comes to global supply chain logistics. What exactly needs to happen to help ensure they are handled safely and securely and delivered on time? QuickSTAT's Global Head of Strategy for CGT and DTP, Mike Sweeney and Senior VP of Commercial Operations Scott Ohanesian explain.

The incredible growth in CGT and personalized medicines are bringing hope of treatment – and even a cure – to patients who previously had few options. In the last year, several new therapies have been approved and there are 1,500+ clinical trials in progress.

Yet, this type of medical care and scientific research offer some of the most challenging areas for global supply chain logistics. While these “medical miracles” bring a host of opportunities, they also add a layer of complexity when it comes to maintaining the efficacy of shipments from beginning to end. It starts with exacting time and temperature requirements but also includes chain of identity, synchronization, integration, backup planning, and more. That’s true whether in the early stages of clinical trials or scaling up for commercialization.

Tune in to learn more about some of the common logistics challenges facing this sector – and the difference having an experienced partner on your side can have.

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