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Back Communications, Expectations & hidden heroes| Clinical Trial & Cold Chain Logistics

I'm Chris Riback. Welcome to another special episode of Quick Conversations, featuring a guest speaker from our parent company Kuehne+Nagel. Our podcast explores the extraordinary world of global supply chain logistics: How it keeps business — and...

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We continue the compelling conversation of part one of our two-part series "From Clinical Trials to Commercialization: The Pharma/Healthcare Global Supply Chain." As in that episode, we’re joined again by a guest podcaster from our parent company, Kuehne+Nagel: Robert Coyle, Senior Vice President of Pharma & Healthcare Strategy, along with QuickSTAT’s Scott Ohanesian, Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations. Today’s discussion focuses on “Communications, Expectations & Hidden Heroes”—and how all three impact the intricacies of the pharma/healthcare supply chain. Rob and Scott cover:

  • How communication protocols with pharma companies evolved as the COVID vaccine trials and manufacturing got underway.
  • How to approach communications and transparency when there are multiple stakeholders.
  • Their experience engaging with global pharmaceutical companies during the development of the COVID vaccine—from clinical trials to shots into arms.
  • What the future holds: insights about what lies ahead for the pharma product lifecycle.
It’s a fascinating, insightful conversation that shines a spotlight on pharma, healthcare and the global supply chain. And if you missed the first episode in this series, you can listen to "From Clinical Trials to Commercialization: The Pharma/Healthcare Global Supply Chain" today.