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Back Dave Murphy: Logistics that Save Lives | Clinical Trial & Cold Chain Logistics

Host, Chris Riback talks with Quick's Executive Vice President of Quick Specialized Healthcare Logistics about the healthcare logistics. Dave covers a wide array of topics from the evolution of personalized medicine to delivering life-saving shipments...

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Sometimes, the world of time-critical shipping can mean the difference between life or death. Blood. Organs for transplants. Human tissue. Cell or gene immunotherapies. Ensuring their safe delivery – getting them often from one side of the country to the other, where a patient in a hospital waits – brings global supply chain logistics challenges to a whole new level.

In this episode of QuickConversations, host Chris Riback speaks with Dave about his experience in the critical healthcare logistics space and covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • How the evolution of personalized medicine has impacted global supply chain logistics.
  • The technologies that are most important to know about and rely on.
  • What goes into delivering life-critical organs or medical devices when faced with natural disasters or a global health crisis.