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Back QuickSTAT: Chain of custody and identity solutions

Ensure the security and integrity of your shipments with strict chain of identity procedures, monitoring, point-to-point notifications, optimized route panning, and dedicated drivers.

Whether you're transporting clinical research specimens, biological samples, investigational products, or personalized medicine therapies, we ensure that the security and integrity of your life science shipments are maintained from pick-up through to final delivery. Our strict chain of custody and chain of identity procedures includes individual tracking of unique ID and custom data, quality assurance protocols, temperature monitoring, and geolocation tracking solutions.

  • End-to-end safe transport from your facility or global clinical sites to specialty laboratories, CMOs or medical sites, anywhere in the world
  • Individual tracking with unique ID number and detailed information from the point of pick up through to final delivery
  • Advanced monitoring systems that track the exact time in transit with automated alerts of potential delays, enabling us to reroute shipments
  • Point-by-point notifications to ensure that your packages and unique ID numbers are reviewed and accounted for at each milestone
  • Optimized route planning for the safest, most efficient route and transport modes
  • Dedicated, specially trained drivers for the fastest and safest delivery any time of the day or night