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Back QuickSTAT Provides Fastest VIP Shippers Turnaround Times in the Industry for a Global CDMO

QuickSTAT Provides Fastest VIP Shippers Turnaround Times in the Industry for a Global CDMO | Clinical Trial & Cold Chain Logistics

Provides time critical shipping services.
Helped a large international company transport temperature-sensitive materials.
Reduce the turnaround time for these shipments by at least 24 hours.


A large international Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) needed to ensure the viability of high-risk shipments from their global headquarters to the clinical sites worldwide, including geographically and logistically challenging countries.

Shipments were transported using Vacuum Insulated Packaging (VIP) Systems to ensure minimal risk of temperature excursions. The units had to be strategically stored globally so that they could be dispatched on a same-day basis.


  • QuickSTAT designed a program allowing the client's VIP units to be stored and fulfilled on a Just-In-Time (JIT) basis, with same-day dispatch of shipments
  • Dedicated QuickSTAT temperature controlled facilities were designed, mapped and qualified according to EU GDP guidelines and strategically placed in Ireland, Australia and Singapore
  • VIP units were stored and conditioned under the manufacturer's strict instructions for the specific temperature ranges required: +2° to +8°c, +15° to +25°c, and -25° to-15°c
  • The Inventory Management Software, developed by QuickSTAT's IT team, provided the customer with access to inventory data, including shipment conditioning status and availability
  • The software also allowed the customer to track shippers in transit, monitor the actual time the package was valid from pack-out time, and calculate time from pack-out to expiration ensuring product integrity through transit
  • Units were transported in an expedited manner, with same day dispatch, reducing turn around times and accelerating delivery to most locations worldwide by at least 24 hours from previous industry methods