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Back QuickSTAT Provides Fastest VIP Shippers Turnaround Times in the Industry for a Global CDMO

When a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) had to transport high-risk shipments to difficult areas within a short time frame, they turned to QuickSTAT for a workable solution.


An international CDMO


Clinical trial and cold chain logistics


QuickSTAT ensured the time-critical shipping of temperature-sensitive materials. Our team reduced shipment turnaround times by 24 hours.

  • Time-critical shipping for temperature-sensitive cargo.
  • Continuous tracking and monitoring in real-time.
  • Reduced turnaround times and faster delivery.


A large international Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) needed to ensure the viability of high-risk shipments from their global headquarters to the clinical sites worldwide, including geographically and logistically challenging countries.

Shipments were transported using Vacuum-Insulated Packaging (VIP) systems to ensure minimal risk of temperature excursions. The units had to be strategically stored globally so that they could be dispatched on a same-day basis.


  • QuickSTAT designed a program allowing the client's VIP units to be stored and fulfilled on a Just-In-Time (JIT) basis, with same-day dispatch of shipments
  • Dedicated QuickSTAT temperature-controlled facilities were designed, mapped and qualified according to EU GDP guidelines and strategically placed in Ireland, Australia and Singapore
  • VIP units were stored and conditioned under the manufacturer's strict instructions for the specific temperature ranges required: +2° to +8°c, +15° to +25°c, and -25° to-15°c
  • The Inventory Management Software, developed by QuickSTAT's IT team, provided the customer with access to inventory data, including shipment conditioning status and availability
  • The software also allowed the customer to track shippers in transit, monitor the actual time the package was valid from pack-out time, and calculate time from pack-out to expiration ensuring product integrity through transit
  • Units were transported in an expedited manner, with same-day dispatch, reducing turnaround times and accelerating delivery to most locations worldwide by at least 24 hours from previous industry methods