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Back Part 2: The logistics of cell and gene therapy – from benchmarking to standardization

In the first part of our podcast, The logistics of cell and gene therapy – From benchmarking to standardization, Scott Ohanesian, QuickSTAT’s Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations, and Mike Sweeney, QuickSTAT's Global Head of Strategy for CGT and DTP, began their conversation on the logistics behind cell and gene therapy. In Part 2, they take a closer look at where the industry is heading and how to prepare for the incredible growth that’s predicted.

It goes without saying that the field of cell and gene therapy is growing – and rapidly. It’s been predicted that 2024 could be a ‘breakout year’ for gene therapy approvals. QuickSTAT’s Scott Ohanesian and Mike Sweeney believe this is only the beginning. Having been involved in this very specialized logistics since the industry’s beginnings--They now feel that we’re on the cusp of personalized medicine moving more and more into the mainstream for oncology and other therapies, it’s important to look ahead at what that growth will mean for supply chain logistics. Listen to what Scott and Mike have to say about where we are now, where they see the industry going and how to overcome the challenges needed to ensure success. 

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