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Back Delivery of Time and Temperature-Sensitive Compassionate Use Therapies in the Time of COVID-19

Despite strict COVID-19 restrictions, time constraints, and the temperature-sensitive nature of the drug, our team successfully delivered life-saving medicine from the US to Thailand.


A major hospital in Thailand


Clinical trial and cold chain logistics


Fast, efficient, and safe transportation of time- and temperature-sensitive medicine from the US to Thailand in line with COVID-19 restrictions.

  • On-time transportation solutions 
  • Specialized temperature-controlled shipping 
  • Continuous communication with stakeholders


A patient in Thailand with a rare bone disease needed access to a compassionate use therapy that was not yet commercially available in the country. The drug therapy also had to be kept at refrigerated temperatures of 2º to 8ºC as it traveled from the manufacturer’s facility in the US to the hospital in Thailand, also taking into account time to clear customs. An already time-sensitive project, the shipment was made more complicated by the fact that stay-at-home measures due to COVID-19 had grounded 90% of international passenger flights.


QuickSTAT worked directly with the drug sponsor company in the US and the hospital in Thailand to ensure the fastest delivery possible. This involved:

  • Providing a conditioned 2º to 8ºC Phase Change Material (PCM) shipper designed specifically for refrigerated products
  • Identifying the most viable route given the circumstances so the therapy would reach its destination as quickly as possible
  • Ensuring all regulatory paperwork was in order to support a seamless customs clearance process
  • Monitoring temperatures from the point of collection through to the final delivery
  • Ongoing communication, informing all parties involved of key milestones throughout the shipment's journey until it arrived at the hospital


  • The patient received the life-altering therapy on time and within the appropriate temperature range to ensure efficacy.